Letter from a Father to his Daughter

Letter from a Father to his Daughter


3/48 Mangal Vihar,

Kanpur 15 January, 2012

Dear Surabhi,

You seem too busy to drop a few lines about your well being. We haven’t received any communication for the last one and a half month from you. What’s the matter ?

When you left for your new job, you promised to write to us every week. You can’t understand the anxiety of the parents about their childern.

Now tell us how you are. What’s new at your end? Are you overburdened with your work or are there some other things that keep you overbusy ?

Do write at once and never let such a delay happen in future. Your mummy is conveying her blessings to you.

Your loving father,

RP Vashishtha

Reply from a daughter to her father

16 Ansari Road,

New Delhi

21 January, 2012

My dear papa,

I have just received your letter and without any further loss of time I am replying the same. First of all, I am sorry for not writing to you for the last one and a half months. I am indeed extremely sorry for such a lapse and assure you that I’ll not repeat it in future in any circumstance.

Actually, I have become overbusy in the new assignment here. I’ve found the new assignment very interesting and it suits my taste.

There are many many new things to learn here. I had started to write to you twice but once a friend came in between, and the other time, the electricity went off. But whatever may be the reason, it is my fault for not writing to you.

Everything is fine. All are good and very cooperative here. I miss you all a lot. Convey my regards to Mom and Sharma Aunty. a

Yours affectionately,



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