Personal Letter Format - Letter to your sister Rashmi describing your hostel life

Personal Letter Format – Letter to your Sister Rashmi describing your hostel life


Indira Hostel
PQR School
New Delhi
25 May, 2012

My dear Rashmi,

I received your letter three days ago, but because of my 20 preoccupation with making preparations for the annual function of our hostel, I could not get time to reply to you.


I feel pleasure in informing you that I stood first in the quiz competition and our team stood second in the folk dance competition, held during the annual function programmes.

As I am staying in the hostel, I am devoting more than two hours daily for improving my General Knowledge and General Awareness, in addition to course studies.


Ours is a very good hostel. Most of the students are well disciplined and sincere. Our hostel warden, Mrs Savita Vermani, is a very strict lady. She keeps a close watch on every student. All students are required to attend the morning and evening classes daily and both the times, the attendance is marked.


The quality of food served is very good. It consists of two vegetables, curd and salad, with tawa chapatis and a sweet dish. The breakfast is served at 8 am and after that I go to school and take the lunch at 1 pm and the dinner is served from 7 pm to 9 pm.

In the evening, we play games such as badminton, hockey and cricket in the hostel playground from 4 pm to 7 pm.
As such, I find this hostel a well maintained one, with everything of good quality and standard.


What about you? How are your studies going on? Do write to me for any help or work. Convey my regards to Mummy and love to Sunni.


Yours loving sister,

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