Letter to a Friend telling him about the importance of Civil Services

Letter to a Friend telling him about the importance of Civil Services and how to make preparation for English paper.

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129, Civil South West Block


18 October, 2011

Dear Rajesh,

I am in receipt of your letter today. You have asked my views about the Civil Services and how to prepare for English paper for this examination.

In my opinion, Civil Services provide you an excellent and challenging career. You get a respectable status and recognition in society. As an administrator, you can render valuable service to the society.

You can help the poor and the neglected sections of the society. You can initiate actions to eradicate so many evils prevailing in our conservative society.

An administrator is responsible for the overall development of his area of jurisdiction. So if you are thinking of preparing for the civil Services, you are on the right track.

As far as preparing for the English paper is concerned, I’d like to suggest to you that, first make your Grammar strong. You not only have to learn the grammatical rules, but also to do a lot of practice. Prepare essays on at least twenty expected topics. Prepare essays on general topics to.

For reports, letters etc consult any good book. From that, you will get to know the right way of writing the composition parts. The most important point is, that you must have a good command over written English.

Strong and enriched vocabulary will help you in writing correct English. For English, it being a foreign language, you can’t depend on cramming. You have to do regular practice. I think you will find my advice proper and useful.

How are your parents? Please convey my regards to them.

Yours sincerely,

Ravi Prakash


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