Application for leave by Teacher to School Principal.

Application for leave by Teacher to School Principal.


How to write a letter to the Principal,  if you have important work, Health issue, family problems than you demand the leave from school for some days. here is the sample format given below you can use to write an application to the Principal for the permission of leave.



School Name,

Subject :- Application for Leave by Teacher

  • Respected Madam/Sir

    This is to inform you that, My 5 year son has been sick for few days. In such situation is very important for a mother to be near the child.

  • This is my utter responsibility to take care of my child. I have to go to the hospital for regular check ups. Therefor, I request you to kindly grant me (no of days) leave.

    I hope you would provide your utmost consideration to my request.

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely


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