A Letter to the SHO about Your Missing Brother

A Letter to the SHO about Your Missing Brother


C 30/II. Anand Vihar

Nee Delhi

10th June 2020



The S.H.O

Anand Vihar, Police Station,

New Delhi



Subject :- Report about a Missing Boy. A Letter to the SHO


My brother, Avinash left home yesterday at 5.30 pm and he had told my mother that he was going to visit some friends. He has not returened since then and ee are much worried about him.


He is thirteen years od and medium built with wheatish complexion. There is a black mole on his left cheek. He was wearing black pant, white shirt and white shoes when last seen. He speaks english and hindi fluently. If you need nay further information about him, we will be ready to provide it.


I shall feel obliged if you kindly take immediate necessary action to trace him.


Yours faithfully,


B.D. Batra

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