Determiners are words that are used with nouns to illustrate them or define their quantity such as, some, any, each, every etc.



• Sahil is reading a book.
• Are there any chocolates inside the box?
• I have bought some apples.


The words ‘a’ and ‘an’ are indefinite articles. Articles come under the category of determiners. They are used before a singular noun. They can’t be used with plural nouns or uncountable nouns.




  • Bees are building a honeycomb.
  • She looks like an American.
  • I have been waiting for an hour.


The word ‘the’ is called a definite article. It is used to specify something or someone definite, and it refers to a noun that is either understood (by the reader or listener) or has been previously referred to, by the writer or speaker.




  • The road is busy.
  • They are going to the beach.
  • The telephone is dead.


Worksheet – 1.


Read the following passage. Write the correct article in the blank spaces, If no article is needed, leave the space blank. The first one has been done for you:

Asad lives in__________________flat with his mother, father and sister Amina. _________________a  flat has two bedrooms, ________________kitchen, ______________ bathroom and _____________ study-room. Asad’s father works in _____________ office and his mother stays at home and looks after __________ 
house. She spends most of her time in _____________ kitchen preparing meals. Asad and Amina help their mother with _________ house work. Asad likes organising _____________ rooms and Amina likes to roll chapattis. Their father gives them pocket money. They usually spend ___________ money on buying computer games.


Worksheet – 2

Fill in the missing determiners to complete the given sentences:

1. Do you have ________ Chinese friends?
2. Aarna isn’t _______ smarter than Daksh.
3. Vicky has __________ candies.
4. Shiv doesn’t have ____________ money.
5. He will give us ________ information.
6. Ankit must do _______ work tonight.
7. There aren’t _________ sweets left.
8. There aren’t _________ boys in my family.
9. Anuran will give me ___________ help.
10. There are ________ burgers in the fridge.
11. My sister can speak ________ Spanish.
12. I must study ________ second language.


Worksheet 3


Rewrite the following sentences using correct determiners:

1. I’m sorry there isn’t many food left but I can make some sandwiches if you like.

2. You should drink more water and lesser coffee.

3. Have you got much books ? I’ve only got a few.

4. Annie is eating fewer rice because she wants to lose weight.

5. Maggie’s mother died few years ago.

6. He has little friends because of his nasty temper.

7. The motor-cyclist lost many blood in the accident.

8. It was a boring talk and I paid a little attention to it.

9. Salsa has given me much good ideas.



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