How to Write a Good Report

How to Write a Good Report

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What is a report


A report is a factual description of some incident taken place or a consolidated statement of some plan or scheme either existing or being implemented, based upon some logic, collected verbally or in writing.

Types of Reports. (How to Write Report)

1. Report to a Newspaper by a reporter


A reporter prepares a report for publication in a newspaper. He collects the facts by visiting the site and taking interviews of the people concerned. The report should reflect the detailed study made by the reporter. Such reports can be prepared after collecting a mass of information related to an event, say, an accident, a riot, a strike, a rally, etc. From the information collected as such, the reporter prepares his report.

2. Report for a Specific Purpose Sometimes,


Columnists or correspondents of a newspaper are asked to prepare report for a specific purpose. The report may relate to any specific problem or any project of the Government or any NGO’s run scheme or any other matter relevant to society, state and the nation. Sometimes, these reports are prepared by freelance journalists on their own. To prepare these reports one has to collect a number of relevant data and facts and then she or he analyses them, keeping in view the aims and purpose of the scheme/ project, etc. To make the report effective, the reporter must not be prejudiced and be honest in analysing the collected figures.

3. Official Report


An official report is submitted by an official or non authority on any matter of public importançe or official interest. The matter is specifically given to the committee or the official that prepares the report. In an official report, only the immediate and practical aspects of the matter is discussed. The official may offer her or his suggestions for improvement or implementation in the last one or two paragraphs. The reporter must take care to prepare the report after collecting relevant data bad and figures and valid opinions of experts and then analyse the same keeping in view the purpose and aim of the scheme or project.


4. Technical/Research Report


These reports are written by technical experts. These experts may include engineers, doctors and other technical persons. Technical reports are very important as they may help in taking useful decisions and in policy framin. Sometimes, technical, reports are required for starting a new scheme or a project to arrive at its viability and feasibility. As the reports need experts’ views, so these are called technical reports.

What is a Good Report?

A good report contains the following characteristics:


Characteristics of a Good Report


Report-writing is a specialized form of written communication, hence it must possess the main characteristics of good writing. In all kinds of reports, there are some common requirements which we should understand thoroughly and try to observe while writing a report.


These characteristics are

1. Factual Description


A report must be based on factual data, figures, etc. It must not be biased. Flights of imagination are not allowed in making a good report. Detached thinking and logical reasoning are very much needed while analysing data and collecting figures. Personal likes and dislikes of the reporter should not have any influence while writing the report. A good report is written with an impartial attitude and proper reasoning.


2. Clear, Compact and Concise


A good report should be brief and to the point. It should be free from exaggeration and sensationalism. Only desired information relating to the subject should be given in it. All the information given in the report should be objective and accurate.

3. Purpose


Reports are written so that appropriate action may be taken. Therefore, a good report should meet the needs of the person or persons for whom it has been written. Technical reports are written for decision making, improvement of efficiency, public relations and introducing new products in the market.


4. Language A Report


writer should use the tone and language suitable to his goal. He should use a straightforward style. Simple sentences and appropriate vocabulary should be used. Lengthy and roundabout statements and sentences should be avoided.



Short or informal reports are generally written in letter form but reports for a newspaper of magazine are written in the form of an article or an essay. Such reports should not be very lengthy.


As discussed above, reports are of several types but we are concerned only with reporting events for a newspaper or
reporting on an issue or a problem.

Examples of Reports


As a staff reporter of the Hindustan Times, you witnessed a multiple collision of a Maruti car, a Scooter and a Tourist bus in a road accident. Write a report in not more than 100 words.


Two Dead, Six Injured in Road Accident- Example of Report


New Delhi 10 May, 20**

From our Staff Reporter


It was perhaps the most unfortunate and saddest day for many people who witnessed a multiple collision of a Maruti car, a Scooter and a Tourist bus near ITO, New Delhi.


A tourist bus of UP Roadways, full of passengers was on its way to a picnic at the India Gate. When it reached near ITO, it hit a Maruti car from the left side and a Scooter from the back.


The two young boys, in their teens on the scooter were thrown on the road and died on the spot. The dead bodies were lying on the road in a pool of blood. They were not wearing helmets so succumbed to the head injury caused in the accident.


Even the driver of the Maruti car lost his senses and hit a wall but didn’t get hurt. Passengers in the bus got a sudden jerk. Six passengers were seriously injured. All were crying for help. There was a loud hue and cry.


The injured were taken to a nearby hospital for immediate medical aid. The whole traffic came to a standstill. The police arrived in no time and registered a case for negligent driving and homicide.


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