Letter from a brother to his newly married sister

Letter from a brother to his newly married sister


Addres :

Date : Dear Shanu,

Hope this letter finds you and Jijajee in the best of health. Mummy and Papa send you their blessings. I miss you a lot.

Ever since you left for Mumbai with Jijajee, either you have forgotten all of us including your friends or you are angry with everybody here. As far as I can guess, we hadn’t done anything that can make you so angry. Everybody is worried about you. Are you okay ?

Tell me how you and Jijajee are? What did compel you for not writing for such a long time? What keeps you so busy all the time. How do you manage your new life ?

I know you are a perfect girl and shall make everything perfect to your liking. Do write without any further delay, and write regularly.

Yours loving brother, Sanjeev

Reply from a sister to her brother

Address :


My dearest brother Sanjeev,

I am very much delighted to receive your first letter just now. First of all, I apologize for my inability to write any letter. Actually, after our arrival in Mumbai, we became very busy in shopping for our necessities for the new home, visiting various places in Mumbai and in attending dinners hosted by the friends of your Jijajee.

But it is indeed my mistake that I couldn’t write any letter. How can I forget my family-mom, papa and you? I also miss you all. I promise to write regularly now.

Rest is fine here. Your Jiyajee takes full care of me. He conveys his regards to Mom and Papa and namaste to you,
Your loving sister,


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