Ordinary letter from a son to his mother

Ordinary letter from a son to his mother

15, Prem Kuteer

Near Bus Stand

Jabalpur (MP)

3 November,

My dear mom,

Your letter dated 29th Oct is in hand. I am delighted to know that you are now quite fit and healthy. I was very much worried about your health.

I’d like to request you to take care of your health properly. Don’t think that money paid to doctors is a useless expense. Your health is more important than any other things for all of us. So please don’t neglect your health. I am fine here. Richa is also fine. She conveys her deep regards to you. We are planning to visit you during winter vacation.

How is Papa? What about his promotion? Convey my regards to Papa. Please do write regularly.

Yours loving son,


Reply from a mother to her son

9/B, Mathura Gate,

New Delhi-110031

14 November, 2012

Dear Piyush,

I was in receipt of your letter dated 3rd November, two days ago. | noted your concern about my health. I am quite well now and taking full care of my health. I have started taking ‘Yoga’ classes at a ‘Yoga’ Institute, opened recently near the office of your Papa. It has given me great relief and confidence to lead my life in a healthy manner. So relax and enjoy your life.
Do write about your exact programme of coming here.

Your loving mom,



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