Many times, it so happens that a little known school suddenly becomes famous. The reason behind this is often the Principal of the school. He is responsible for the overall de


Many times, it so happens that a little known school suddenly becomes famous. The reason behind this is often the Principal of the school. He is responsible for the overall development of the tone and discipline of the school and its students.

If he is a man of character, principles and dignity, the students and the staff are bound to emulate him. Much of the success or failure of a school depends upon its principal.

If i become a principal, I would first of all try and set a personal example. By hard-work, impartiality, consistent behaviour, honesty and sincerity, I would like to convince the students and the staff that such values are held in high esteem even today.

After this would tackle each problem of the school in a systematic manner. I will deal with regular absenteeism and truancy among students by making out-pass compulsory. This will be issued against the application of the student which is counter-signed by his class teacher.


Secondly, I will mend the school boundaries and post a watchman on each of the gates. I will also request the class teachers to follow the rules of taking attendance both in the morning and after the lunch time. The names of the students who have played truant will be read out next day in the assembly. They will be suitably punished in front of the whole school. I shall keep strict discipline in the school to improve its tone.

I would like to deal with the problem of cleanliness next. It iæ often seen that the school premises and the toilets are extremely dirty. The people responsible to keep them clean do not do their jobs properly.


By regular inspections and on the spot checks, I would ensure that they do their work properly. I would also enroll the help of school prefects and class monitors, who will be held responsible if their class rooms and corridors are found littered with paper.

I would ensure that the facilities of clean and fresh drinking water, library and sports are efficiently maintained. I will designate a teacher whose job will be to see that such facilities are smoothly run. The monitors will be asked to maintain proper stock of chalks and other teaching aids. Chalks will be issued to him at the start of every month.

Lastly,, I would make the students do an hour of manual labour every week. This could be anything, from cleaning the play ground to planting saplings or constructing store house. This will imbibe in them the value of manual labour and physical labour.

By making both the teachers and the students. busy in various extra-curricular activities, I propose to keep them away from idleness and boredom. This is not to say that the education will in any way be ignored.


Infact I will ensure that all the classes are held regularly and that no student is over-burdened with excess of homework. I would start many kinds of clubs, associations and debating societies. They would broaden the students’ mental outlook and develop their social life.

All this is only possible with the co-operation of the teaching staff. I will treat them as a part of my family and take care of their needs, so that the remain happy and pay full attention towards teaching students.

If I happen to become the Principal of my school, I would introduce co-education. There would be a healthy competition between boys and girls to outshine each other.

I would make games compulsory for all the students, so that they may develop the spirit of sportsmanship, brotherhood discipline and social service. I shall stuff the school library with the works of famous authors.

I would impart moral education to all the students so that they may know their duties towards their country, their fellow beings and God. I would encourage the habit of plain living and high thinking among the students.



Vocabulary :


Emulate प्रतिस्पर्धा करना । Tackle जुट जाना । Truant भगोडे । Consistent निरन्तर । Convince मनाना | Stuff भरपूर करना । –


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