Short Essay on Former PRIME MINISTER Sh. Dr. Man Mohan Singh

Former PRIME MINISTER (Sh. Dr. Man Mohan Singh)

Dr. Man Mohan Singh was born on ’26 September, 1932 in ‘Gah’ Punjab (Pakistan). His Fathr name was Sardar Gurumukh Singh and his mother’s, name was Amrit Kaur. He has only three sisters.

Man Mohan Singh’s early education was completed in a local and nearby- area’s school. He did his graduation from Punjab University in 1952. He did his post graduation in Economics from Punjab University in 1954. He secured 1st Division. He got the Rights Award in 1955. He was also honoured with an Award by Stephen Johns College of Cambridge in 1957.


Essay on Dr. Man Moham Singh


ManMohan singh was married to Gursharan Kaur in 1958. He was awarded D-phil, D-lit degrees by Oxford University.

Dr. Singh taught in Punjao University from 1957-1965 as a Lecturer, Professor and Reader. Dr. Singh joined the Delhi School of Economics in 1969. He served there upto 1971. He also dedicated his honorary services in J.N.U University.

Dr. ManMohan Siagh is a very learned person: He has written any books in Economics which serve as guidelines for the country people. He has served the nation as Finance Adviser, Prime Eco Adviser, Governor of Reserve Bank of India, foreign Policy Adviser in the field Of Economics.

He has also glorified the fields of Atomic Energy Commission, India Planning Commission, Space Commission and Asian Bank Development. He has also served the country as Finance (cabinet) Minister. He was also elected in Raiya Sabha. He also remained the opposition party Leader in Rajya Sabha.

Dr. Man Mohan Singh is a man of Degrees and awards. His father had predicted long ago. Man Mohan Singh, I may live or not but one day you will be the P.M. of the country. His father’s words became true on 21 May 2004 when Smt. Soniaji the President of TIGP refused to accept the post of P.M Dr. ManMohan Singh’s name was nominated for the super post Of the country.

Our worthy P.M. is very simple, co-operative and learned. In spite of all these qualities, he has no, trace of pride in his nature. He was not only a good tutor and a businessman but also an eminent teacher. He is very polite and gentle. He is very honest and a man of spotless image.

The nation has high hopes from him. May he live long.

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