The people belonging to the educated circles often ask others the question, “Are we happier than our forefathers. Tremendous advancement has been made in the fields of science and technology. Science has provided us such comforts as were unimaginable in the days of our forefathers. We have conquered the forces of nature. We have tamed the atom and have also pierced through the space.

However, we are neither contented nor fully happy. It is not easy to answer the reason behind our dissatisfaction and displeasure. There is a lot of controversy over this question.

We have made great progress in every walk of life. Our world has become smaller and the distances have shrunk due to the fast means of communication. We can call the present age as the age of machines.We have machines for domestic use, for office use, for mining and excavation and for agriculture and farming.

We also have machines for recording and reproduction etc. The discoveries in the fields of medicine and surgery have eradicated or controlled many chronic and

incurable diseases. Electricity and failed to provide us real happiness because happiness is a state of mind. The so called wonders of life have made our lives hollow and artificial. Our lives are full of tension and we are devoid of real charm and delight. Man has become moneyminded and selfish.

The curse of king Midas (Mammon / the evil and immoral god of wealth) has descended on mankind. We have lost our ‘soul. Our spiritualism is on the wane because of our gross material pursuits. Science without religion and spiritualism has led us to unhappiness and discontentment.

Our forefathers possessed human values e.g. love, affection, sympathy, compassion and sentiments. The people of our age have become morally bankrupt. We have produced morstrous weapons which can destroy the whole world in the twinkling of the eye. A single mistake, miscalculation or wrong move may cause havoc.

The chances of the third world war and the fear of gas and bacteriological warfare always loom large in everyone’s mind. They have added to our gloom and hopelessness. We feel dehumanised and disillusioned.

Our forefathers lacked all amenities and comforts of life. They had no schooling and were ignorant in matters of hygiene. They were superstitious and suffered from fatal diseases and epidemics. They had no control over natural calamities. Being simple, honest and sensible they never suffered from tension and other ills and evils of modern life. They were guided by moral and human values in their doings and thinking.

They possessed inner poise and calm which was the secret of their happiness and contentment. The modern man lacks faith in God and himself. He is drifting aimlessly because he lacks spiritual joy and moral satisfaction. His very existence has become uncertain. He has lost all charm in nature and life. Our forefathers were decidedly far happier than us. Those who think themselves happier thin their forefathers are living only in a fool’s paradise.


Vocabulary :


Contented – संतुष्ट । Controversy – विवाद । Domestic – घरेलू । Excavation – i – खुदाई । Chronic – दीर्घस्थायी । Luxury – दीर्घस्थायी । Luxury – ऐश्वर्य । Convenience सुविधा । Leisure – फुरसत । Nevertheless – तथापि, फिर भी । Artificial बनावटी । Devoid – वंचित | Spiritualism – अध्यात्मिकता । Wane हास | Bankrupt – दिवालिया । Monstrous – दैत्याकार | Havoc – तबाही। Gloom outs Superstitions – अंधविश्वास | Epidemics महामारी । Calamities – आपदाएँ विपदाएँ । Poise – मानसिक संतुलन ।


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