One person who can make or mar a nation’s destiny is the teacher. The future and character of the nation lies in the hands of a teacher. A teacher can take a nation to the apex of all the countries of the world, or destroy it completely. A nation does not become great by only its material wealth. It becomes great by the character of its people.


It is therefore justified that Gandhiji laid more emphasis on the character building of the youth of the nation, for he felt that no amount of education, prosperity and advancements can help a nation, as much as the character of its people. He believed that lethal weapons do not make a nation trong. In fact, it is the nobleness of the character of its people that provides strength. Teachers, mould the minds of the youth by setting personalexamples of behaviour and hardwork. An impressionable youth is very much affected by the attitude of his teacher.


An upright and morally strong teacher always produces a sincere student. It is for the teachers to decide the direction that today’s youth will take. Teachers have the power to convert a callow youth into a responsible engineer, doctor, administrator or a scientist of tomorrow.

It is through their knowledge and wisdom that teachers chisel out upright citizens from the careless young people that are left in their care by the society.

Unfortunately, neither the society nor the teachers themselves realise their true value. By behaving in a step-motherly fashion the society denies them the respect and commendation which is their right. By behaving in irresponsible manner, which puts at stake thousands of young lives, teachers lower their esteem o the eyes of the society.

However, the realisation of their importance has dawned upon the Government, that in order to in prove the lot of teachers it has brought out a new education policy. In this policy the teachers have been placed at the top of the decision and implementation body. By doing this it is hoped that the prestige of the nation builders will be enhanced further.

The student unrest is assuming dangerous proportions in India. They often go on strikes, indulge in violence and start agitation on one pretext or another. The indisciplined students do not observe any rules. They grow into lawless citizens and leaders of tomorrow. The students indulge themselves in all sorts of undesirable activities. They do not hesitate even in clashing with the police and damaging the public property.


It is the sacred duty of the teachers to curb the nature of revolt and vandalism of the students and inculcate in them the spirit of adventure, ethical values and right leadership.

The teacher is the builder of the nation. He should see that the selfish politicians do not exploit the students by involving them in acts of arson and bloodshed. They, themselves should not become instrumental in serving the interests of certain political persons and parties. The teachers alone can save the students from being misled. They can provide ideal and proper leadership both to the students and the society.


Our nation can Prosper only if the teachers are made administrators, ministers and policy framers. Their energies and intellect should by fully and properly utilised for the smooth and planned development of the nation.




Apex चोटी । Lethal प्राणहर, घातक । Impressionable – अतिसंवेदनशील | Upright – दयानतदार । Callow – । अपरिपक्व | Chisel आकार देना । Commendation प्रशंसा, संस्तुति । Proportions आयाम । Pretext बहाना | Vandalism बर्बरता । Inculcate आरोषित करना | Adventure साहस । Ethical -नैतिक । Arson आगज़नी ।


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