Crores of people in India live from hand to mouth. They manage to keep their bodies and soul together with great difficulty because they are below poverty line. A negligible number of the Indians are millionaires and multi-millionaires. They can be counted on the tips of the fingers. Most of them have earnt money by foul and fraudulent means. I got, ill-spent is a common.

Many rich people get spoilt because of their opulent wealth. Those who have earnt millions through hoarding, smuggling, black marketing, adulteration and bribery seeking generaily waste their ill earnt money in gambling, drinking, womanising etc.

Money begets money but it also corrupts the wealthy and rich people. They acquire bad habits and perpetrate crime in the society. Though the idea of becoming a millionaire is very exciting yet I have no capability or potentiality to earn or obtain so much money. I can only become a millionaire by winning a lottery prize.

In case I happen to get a million rupees, I would plan to utilize the money as best as I can. In case, I manage to get the fabulous wealth, I

would purchase a single-storeyed house with sufficient open space lawns and a small garden in a pollution free village. I would live there with my parents and family happily in ease and comfort. I would engage a full time maid servant to help my mother in her household work.

I shall get my children educated in a convent school, I shall make a small library with a stock of one thousand books and open it for two hours every day for the benefit of the students and the elderly people of the village. I shall take my parents to all the prominent places of pilgrimage

in the country. I shall also get a small temple constructed for them. I shall show them the important historical monuments,

hill stations and sea-shores. I shall distribute woollen clothes and blankets to the poor people in my village. I shall run a free charitable dispensary and for the treatment of elderly people. I shall run night classes for the adults and teach the 3R’s. I shall give a number of scholarships to the needy and meritorious students of my village.

I shall give books and items of stationery to those students of my locality who are intelligent, industrious and brilliant in studies but are very poor. I would deposit one lac rupees in the bank for a raing day. But I shall spend the interest on the welfare of the community.

I shall establish a small factory and produce some export items. I shall employ a few skilled workers and earn valuable foreign exchange for my country. The workers in my factory will get meaningful wages, perks and other benefits. With the profits of the factory, I shall build a water hut for summer season and a big barat ghar. This will cater to the needs of the villagers and will please them in great measure.

I shall not waste a single penny in idle pursuits but utilize the last penny for the good of the poor and the needy people. May God grant me the huge fortune and the sense to spend it in the constructive manner detailed above !

Vocabulary : Negligible – नगण्य । Fraudulent – कपट, धोखाधड़ी । Opulent – विपुल । Begets – उत्पन्न करना । Perpetrate – बढ़ावा देना । Potentiality – – अन्तः शक्ति | Fabulous – मनगढन्त, काल्पनिक । rilgrimage तीर्थ-यात्रा Charitable – दानशील | Industrious – परिश्रमी । Perks – अनुलाभ I Cater – प्रबन्ध करना ।

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